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Downtown NYC Mamas – find peace of mind in your busy day and practice with me and other like minded yoga moms in your neighborhood

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Yoga & Meditation home practices for empowerment.

Practice with me 1-1, in person or if we don’t live in the same neighborhood.

Online LIVE, from the comfort of your own home! You can even practice in your pajamas if you want to! No one else is looking.

Yoga for Calm & Connection

Yoga for Calm & Connection is a balanced & uplifting yoga class designed to encourage you to explore possibilities of strength, flexibility, and balance. This class will leave you feeling calm, connected, and awakened to your personal power so that you are ready to make a positive impact on your life off the mat. Beginner to intermediate level. 60 mins

Yoga for Equanimity

Yoga for Equanimity is a grounding and centering intermediate yoga class, with a focus on linking movement with breath to bring awareness and observation to physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts you’re experiencing. You may need 2 blocks and a strap. Strong Intermediate. 60 mins

Lunch Coma

Lunch Coma is a yogic nap to reset your day; you may not need that afternoon coffee break after all! Yoga Nidra is a healing practice of the mind that will allow your body to slip into a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation while your mind remains alert. You may need a bolster or a rolled up mat, socks, a blanket, and comfortable clothing. All levels. 20 mins

Midday Pick-Me-Up

Midday Pick-Me-Up is a guided visualization or concentration practice that will leave you with a feeling of calm and clarity. You may need a chair or something comfortable to sit on. All levels. 10 mins


Having worked in fast-paced corporate marketing for a number of years, I understand the importance of investing into the well-being of employees. I offer physically accessible yoga and meditation classes with a focus on reducing stress, cultivating equanimity, and creating positive energy in the work environment.

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Corporate Testimonials

“Yoga with Yvette has been transformative and life changing! Her attention to detail and ability to assess individual needs and guide through personal adjustments amidst a whole class is incredible. I’ve personally used our yoga sessions as a time to rehabilitate and strengthen my back, lower body, and core, and I could think of no one better to guide me through the journey to recovery. Yvette’s dedication to the yoga practice, and imploring of the importance of the wellness of both the body and mind is outstanding and has had a tremendous impact on both my physical and mental wellbeing.”

- Ade 
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“Yvette is a delight and keeps class light with bits of wisdom and occasional jokes.”

- Aaron 
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“Yvette’s classes always leave me feeling relaxed, wholesome, and happy with myself. She always knows the perfect time to push and when to let you focus while always maintaining a smile!”

- Jon 
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I support organizations that promote physical and emotional wellness and teach communities how to create possibilities for inner peace.