“Challenging, Energetic, Spiritual, and with a Touch. The energy that Yvette brought into our practice was challenging, energetic, spiritual, and with a touch of loving kindness. And supportive. Her wonderful wit and humor kept us going in what I considered to be a really challenging class. The reading she had written for the intention of our practice was so moving that it brought me to tears while in Child's Pose. I had a moment of gratitude and thanksgiving. What a blessing!! Her class created structure and discipline, allowing me to find inner strength and connection to God. I feel renewed, with a strong sense of awareness, a connection of mind, body, and spirit which transcends into daily life. I continue to have the most wonderful experiences of a lifetime...”


“ONE OF THE BEST YOGA CLASSES I'VE TAKEN! Typically I'm not a lover of yoga because I find that it just feels uncomfortable and I never feel like I'm really getting a work out. Buff yoga was great in terms of incorporating weights to just the right amount that it didn't destroy the sanctity of yoga. Yvette was awesome- part of my struggle with yoga is that I've never had an instructor who has bothered to come by and check out my posture and alignment, which I think is really important. Yvette did that multiple times today and I was very appreciative of that. You could tell she took pride in her class and instruction and she made yoga fun for me. BTE she is also 6 months pregnant and rocking a class- I'm so impressed!"


“Yvette’s greatest strength is that she’s very enthusiastic and motivational to students of a wide array of levels. She’s fantastic at weaving the spiritual aspects of yoga into her classes, which go beyond the physical aspects of the asana. She’s very honest and authentic. She keeps things real, which is why I think her students love her.”

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