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Coming to Yvette’s class regularly has been a treat to see her finding her voice and living out her dream! She just finished getting her Baptiste certification and has established her place as one of the best yoga instructors I’ve seen!

She combines yogic principles with a non-stop awesome workout! Be prepared to sweat, feel the burn, breathe deeply, hold utkatasana for way longer than you’d like, laugh, curse her under your breath, and leave feeling totally relaxed, invigorated and prepared to meet challenges of daily life with equanimity. Oh, and don’t be surprised if she throws in some hard core abs work or a plyometrics session as well that will leaving you looking great.”



From the first class that I took with Yvette over a year ago, I was an instant follower of hers.

Her positive energy, excitement for life and teaching and caring personality is intoxicating…she inspires you to work hard in class and enjoy it!  Her instructions are clear and easy to follow, her diverse poses always surprise and excite me and she knows just the right amount of how far to push me without intimidating me.  I love her class and I love her as my teacher! I look forward to going every time!

I cannot rave enough about the fabulous, amazing and dedicated Yvette! You will be missing out if you don’t check her out!”



In your first yoga practice guided by Yvette Jain, you will quickly learn that she is a bright individual whose actions and words speak volumes of joy and compassion but also focus and intuition.  It’s as if Yvette knows exactly where your body and mind need to go every time you hit the mat, and she offers up all her tools to help you get there, including her impeccable assists. She also knows exactly what to say to help you dig deeper in those oh-my-god-I-just-need-a-child’s-pose moments.  
Her class is a balanced blend of strengthening and lengthening with some spicy plyometric and abdominal series thrown in for good taste, and her meditations on life are practical and effective in bringing your practice to a more meaningful place. By the end of every class, you feel like the best version of yourself. Rinsed, renewed, and ready to take on any challenge.”

— Brandon

“Fantastic class!

I really enjoyed the flow, challenging poses, and advice. Yvette is obviously passionate about yoga, and it shines through!” 

— Marissa

“I have become stronger and more aware of my body.

I feel like I’m unique and not competing with anyone else in the world”



I have been a Yvette Jain fan for years. She is grounded and soulful while she gives specific postures that flow beautifully. 
She teaches at a few CRUNCH locations… Yvette is so sweet yet strong when she provides instruction and it is always awe inspiring to watch her demo a new pose.”

— Rate Your Burn


Yvette is a great yoga instructor. She combines a traditional yoga practice with a focus on fitness, strength, and athleticism. She is attentive to the students and helps perfect poses and position. Yvette also makes the class fun.”

— Fred, Private Client


When you go to her FACEBOOK PAGE, you will find tons of inspirational quotes and positive sayings such as this one *The study of asana is not about mastering posture…its about using posture to understand and transform yourself.*  When you go to her YOGA CLASS you will experience the gratitude, possibility and light from within to such an extent that you will be glowing for the rest of the day!”
Yvette’s class is so challenging, it is addicting. I actually crave sore muscles the day after I take her class.  Not only does she help you through each asana, walking around and making adjustments, but Yvette will inspire you while doing so. The stories and words of wisdom she speaks while you are in each pose reach deep within and enlighten you so much that you actually want to stay in the pose longer. It is like a light switch and your thoughts of *Omg please say the next move already* change automatically to *I think I can stay here forever -or at least another minute 🙂 *  She has a way of working out your body and mind at the same time that you actually feel the yoga high.
One of the things I really love about Yvette is that she spreads her love of yoga by helping her yogis face their fears head on. Inversions are difficult for me, yet with her help in the past year that I have been going to her classes, I have magically been able to pop up into forearm stand (if only for a second – still working on that!) and headstand (still on the wall but one day I will be able to do it!). She is so encouraging, patient and funny (have you ever done a million side plank twists while slapping your ass?) that if you go to her class just one time, you will immediately crave more.”

— BRooke

“Challenging, Energetic, Spiritual, and with a Touch”

The energy that Yvette brought into our practice was challenging, energetic, spiritual, and with a touch of loving kindness. And supportive. Her wonderful wit and humor kept us going in what I considered to be a really challenging class. The reading for the intention of our practice was so moving that it brought me to tears while in Child’s Pose. I had a moment of gratitude and thanksgiving. What a blessing!! Her class created structure and discipline, allowing me to find inner strength and connection to God. I feel renewed, with a strong sense of awareness, a connection of mind, body, and spirit which transcends into daily life. I continue to have the most wonderful experiences of a lifetime at Pure Yoga West.” 

— Terry


Typically I’m not a lover of yoga because I find that it just feels uncomfortable and I never feel like I’m really getting a work out. Buff yoga was great in terms of incorporating weights to just the right amount that it didn’t destroy the sanctity of yoga. Yvette was awesome- part of my struggle with yoga is that I’ve never had an instructor who has bothered to come by and check out my posture and alignment, which i think is really important. Yvette did that multiple times today and I was very appreciative of that. You could tell she took pride in her class and instruction and she made yoga fun for me. btw she is also 6 months pregnant and rocking a class- I’m so impressed!”

— Rate Your Burn


I have done yoga for years. I enjoy the energy and connection to my breathe and the stillness that follows as a result. It was not until I had the good fortune of walking into Yvette’s class that I feel I transitioned from someone that does yoga to someone who practices yoga.
The structure is Baptiste with a twist: we flow, we practice inversions, we focus on balance, strength and core.  Her style doesn’t try to force us to be perfect but to honor ourselves and the community created within the confines of the class. She pays attention to how each individual’s body works, she understands our capabilities and won’t allow us to give up on ourselves. “If you can you must”, she says after challenging us to 3-legged chaturangas and 100 plus core strengthens or leaving us in plank as she inputs words of wisdom (in part to distract us from the burn). It’s a great lesson in letting go of your expectations as each class is unique and of leaving with a renewed intention of “Yes, I can!”. I should add that my legs and arms have never been so toned so there’s that as well.”

— SharoN


About a year ago, I started going to Virgin Yoga classes at Crunch (also taught by Yvette). Now, I go several times a week,and I always seek out Yvette’s classes (Mondays at Crunch 38th, Tuesdays at Crunch 83rd, and Saturdays at Crunch W 34th!) She has a great, personal style – she speaks to details, so if you just listen, your practice can improve tremendously just by listening to her. She also seems to have eyes in the back of her head, and constantly pushes you past your own ‘limits’. I’d recommend anyone try one of Yvette’s popular classes – if I could follow her anywhere else, I would!”

— Jennifer

“Yvette’s greatest strength is that she’s very enthusiastic and motivational to students of a wide array of levels.

She’s fantastic at weaving the spiritual aspects of yoga into her classes, which go beyond the physical aspects of the asana. She’s very honest and authentic. She keeps things real, which is why I think her students love her.”



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