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5 Ways the Practice of Handstands is like the Practice of Parenting

Have you ever gone on a journey, with lots of ups and downs, that doesn’t seem to end? I have - and continue to do so each day.  I

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Ride the Waves of Emotions: How to Keep Calm When Your Toddler Throws a Tantrum

Freedom: when you go away for a weekend without your kids! Just kidding. But kind of true. Read more to find out how to detach from ...

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5 Tools to Find Yourself Again When Shift Happens

Everyone has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they were. For me, this ...

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3 Ways to (Re)focus When Life Throws You Off Your Game

Whoever said we must aim for the eye of the bird with focused, single-minded, all-absorbed determination must not have had two small ...

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9 Yoga Poses to Keep Calm

Romio Blog: This week we sat down with Romio Fitness Expert, Yvette Jain. This inspiring warrior mom of two can handle it all

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Love & the Magic of Impermanence

I used to get upset about the boys waking me up at night. Most days I would get no more than 4 hrs of sleep, and I’d wake up a ...

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3 Genius Ways Busy Parents Can Work Meditation into Their Daily Routine

As a mom of two boys, I find it’s no easy feat to schedule time to sit down and meditate. Sound familiar, parents? I’ve found

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Navigating the Family

The Winter Holidays are a time of year where family is at the center of action. Whether we consider family as the group of people ...

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Challenges, Commitment, and Warrior 3

Sometimes, the most difficult challenges can bring purpose and meaning in our lives.  ? 

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Can’t Sleep? This Relaxing Yoga Sequence Will Change That

If you frequently suffer from nighttime chitta-vrittis, or mind chatter, give this sequence a try.

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Create True and Lasting Happiness through Devotional Journaling and Meditation

Wouldn't it be great to *create* true and lasting happiness? It's possible.