My older son, Arjun’s third birthday was coming up, and I knew he wanted to invite all of his friends to the party. There was one little problem—sometimes my little man gets shy in large crowds.

I wanted Arjun to feel loved and supported by his peers who, like him, were obsessed with superheroes. I decided they could all collectively save the day, and make Arjun feel special on his birthday while have a lot of fun doing so!

After all, who wouldn’t feel super cool flying down a zip line dressed in his favorite superhero cape?! So, how does one create a community of superheroes?

1. Create exciting invitations.

I happen to like online invites like Paperless Post: green, quick and easy to use. They have templates you can use or you can create your own.

2. Research “secret identities.”

Call parents and caregivers and ask which are their kids’ favorite superheroes.

3. Make capes as a one-of-a kind giveaway.

I ended up making 30 capes, personalized with each child’s name and favorite superhero logo or image. (Yes, this takes time and effort.) I promise, the look on each kid’s face (as well as their parents’) when they see their capes is well worth it!

4. Have a blast!

Take lots pictures of your caped-crusading kiddos.

5. Live to save the world another day.

Make thank you e-cards using photos from party. Again, doing so online is green, quick and easy.

(I’m honored that this blog was also posted in on Red Tricycle!)

All photos on this blog post credit: Yvette Jain