Fear Not

 Photo credit: David Tufino
Photo credit: David Tufino

School: Lesson –> Test

Life: Test –> Lesson

Fear Not: Smoke. Misfortune. Destruction. Difficult circumstances – if we can bear them, if we can learn from them – can make us excellent in all that we do.

We cannot find fortune without enduring misfortune. We reap the benefits of our own hard work.

Your face your fear. You don’t run away. You don’t wish them away. You don’t give it to somebody else to deal with. You get to the bottom of it. You do the difficult things. And only then will you learn just how indestructible your spirit is.

Life is a test. If you face fear and you deal with it, you will pass. If you don’t, you will forever live in fear. 

Carbon under a lot of pressure and heat becomes a diamond. In fertile soil, a seed is planted and needs sunlight and water to grow. We, too, under pressure, need information and nourishment in order to thrive. 

So let’s face the negative parts of our personality, face the difficult circumstances of our lives, and face all our fears with courage, grace, and integrity. Fortune and peace of mind will surely follow. 

What are you made of? 💎

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