Emotions are like Water

 Photo credit: Yvette Jain
Photo credit: Yvette Jain

Emotions are like water: sometimes gentle, and other times turbulent and uncontrollable. šŸŒŠ Whenever I look into the ocean, I think of how important it is to feel emotions as they are and not try to suppress them. To experience the flow in an authentic way, to manage circumstances around me where I’m able to do so, yet let go of what’s beyond my control. āš–ļø

The opportunity to learn self-mastery is through the realization of the lack of emotional control — a completely humbling yoga practice. šŸ™‡šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø 

I sometimes need to lean on something that grounds me down when I’ve thrown off balance. Yoga, meditation, a pep talk from my positive committee.  In doing so, I learn to accept vulnerability. 

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